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WorkShop Fabrication Division Forming Services


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Plate Folding
Plate Rolling
Section Rolling
Plate Cutting

Forming services that we have available.

We can also supply material if required, we carry a comprehensive range of steel plate in stock ranging in thickness and specification.

Plate Folding - 2 machines available
Brake Press 6.6 meters long x 640 tonnes - full CNC
Brake Press 6.0 meters long x 320 tonnes - full CNC
Plate Rolling
4 Rollers avaiable
    3.2 meters wide x 32mm plate - initial pinch NC
    3.1 meters wide x 16mm plate - initial pinch digital readout
    2.0 meters wide x 12mm plate - initial pinch digital readout
    3.5 meters wide x 50mm plate - digital readout
Section Rolling - 3 Machines available with examples of capacity, (all steel sections possible)

Roundo RHS
    300 channel on edge
    350 NB pipe
    500 UB Beam of Edge
    200 x 200 angle, toe in, toe out
    300 x 300 RHS
Roundo R6S
    150 NB pipe
    150 UB beam on edge
    125 x 125 angle, toe in, toe out
    150 x 150 RHS
Roundo R3S
    50 x 50 angle, toe in, toe out
    50 NB pipe
    50 x 50 RHS

Plate Cutting - 2 plasma machines available

Plasma and oxy cutting profile (400 Amp)
    1-off Bed 24 metres x 3.5 metres
    Plasma capabilities -    100 amp x 3mm plate
                                            200 amp
                                            300 amp
                                            400 amp x 25mm plate production cutting
    Oxy 4 heads up to 300mm plate
    This machine is 'state of the art', full CNC
    Plasma marking
    Drill marking
    Bevel cutting up to 45 deg. this includes radiuses of all shapes.
Plasma and oxy cutting profile (150 Amp)
    1-off Bed 10 metres x 3.2 metres
    Plasma capabilities - 3mm plate to 16mm plate
    Oxy capabilities - to 100mm plate.

Guillotine - 3 metres wide x 12mm plate

Cropping and punching - large capacity

          Cold saw, milling machine, lathe and other associated equipment


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